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Herbal: (CORN SILK)

Corn silk or maize silk is a highly effective herbal cure for frequent urination. Corn silk or maize silk is a yellowish thread-like strand found inside the husk of corn or maize. Sometimes it can be brown and it  be removed from the corn cob.

The sufficient quantity of corn silk whether fresh or dry will be boiled in fresh water, and the person suffering from frequent urination will be taking it one cup in the morning and afternoon and at night in replacement of water during the period of treatment for like 30 days.

It should be noted that it is good to just boil the quantity you can take per day. Each day you’ll prepare a new one for that day.

▶️ The perfect reality is corn or maize silk will cure frequent urination.

It should be noted that when you want to go on corn silk herbal cure, it is not advisable to be on other drugs as well.

But if during the urination one experience pain, burning or some other general discomfort. That means the frequent urination may be a result of some Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

Dr Iyke- wonders of herbs

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