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My night is shattered and hope shivers in a distant
For the only star I had in the sky died today
I loved her. On my knees I buried a red rose
In her hands, told her sickly sweet tales under
The moonlight and cap her in my arms
Against the ruffling cold breeze.
I rode to the moon and back like Armstrong;
The astronomist to see her sorrows seize,
So we could stand tall like a birch tree
At the centre of the forest catching the glance
Of jealous shrubs.

My pen grieves and sings the saddest lines.
Could we not have looked beyond the kinks?
I loved her. My soul is a vapid vale with her absence.
It stings like the sharp sting of an injured bee
When my mind swings me to the memory lane.

I know ants could easily be crushed but..
Never knew I were one of them.
Along the way, you disappeared and
I could only catch your sweet aura which
Still sweets the veins of my nose.
But why you walked out of the door
Is still a mystery my eyes cannot see.

My soul is raped of joy
For the treasure I tried shielding
Slid through my fingers
Before I could realize it.
Here I lay vacant in your denial
Of my syrupy love.
Do I say I’m stultified
Or you just weren’t mine?

Gideon Mensah Duku
Em. Prof. Benevolent

Level 400 Student, Enchi College of Education.
General Secretary, National Union of Sefwi Students And Alumni.
Former Vice President, Teacher Trainees’Association of Ghana, Western and Central Sector


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