Dealing with low progesterone- the hormone that the body produces naturally

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Low progesterone in women can cause symptoms like headaches, depression, or anxiety.

Progesterone is a hormone that the body produces naturally. Many people know it for its role in female fertility and reproduction. But both men and women produce it.

In women, a temporary hormone gland produces progesterone. During a woman’s fertile time, the gland makes progesterone. This hormone thickens the lining of the uterus to prepare it for pregnancy. If the woman does not get pregnant during this time, the gland breaks down. Then, progesterone decreases and menstruation begins. If she does get pregnant, her ovaries and placenta continue to produce progesterone throughout the pregnancy.

In men, the testes produce progesterone. Men need progesterone to produce testosterone. It also helps sperm mature. Researchers have experimented with man-made progesterone, or progestin, as a form of male birth control. Women’s hormonal birth control, such as the pill or the patch, combines progestin and another hormone called estrogen to prevent pregnancy.

Both men and women can have low progesterone levels. It can cause health problems for both sexes. Here’s information you should have to learn the signs and causes of low progesterone and how doctors treat it.

Low Progesterone in Women

In women, low progesterone can cause irregular periods. It can also make it difficult to get pregnant. Women with low levels who do get pregnant have a higher risk of miscarriage. That’s because progesterone helps the uterus maintain the pregnancy. Also, women who have low amounts of this hormone may have too much estrogen. That can cause weight gain, loss of sex drive, and gallbladder problems.

Here are some signs that you might have low progesterone:

Abdominal pain
Breasts that are often sore
Spotting between periods
Vaginal dryness
Depression, anxiety, or mood swings
Low libido
Low blood sugar
Headaches or migraines
Hot flashes
Menstrual cycle irregularity or absence.

Low Progesterone in Men

When men have low levels of progesterone, they also have low levels of testosterone. Some of the symptoms in men are the same as in women, such as depression, irritability, and low libido. Other symptoms are different and vary by age. Here are some symptoms you might have:

Erectile dysfunction
Muscle loss
Memory loss or trouble concentrating

Low progesterone levels can cause: infertility or miscarriages. uterine bleeding or irregular periods and spotting. sex drive.


Source: Dr Iyke

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