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A stomach ulcer is a wound or injury inside the inner lining of the stomach which causes extreme pain. Stomach ulcers could also be referred to as peptic ulcers.

The causes of most ulcer issues include
-Alcohol abuse
-Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
-Infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria.
-Fasting or not eating when due.
-Not drinking adequate water.
-Tobacco smoking/taking in a lot of air.

If an ulcer develops its few signs are:

-Tarry stools
-Blood in the stool
-Bloody vomiting
-Loss of appetite etc

Helicobacter pylori is now considered the leading cause of stomach ulcers. The bacterium is present in the majority of people with ulcers. However, only 20% of people infected with Helicobacter pylori develop ulcers….to fight peptic or gastric ulcers:


-Cabbage juice is a long-standing traditional medicine against stomach ulcers. Look for a ½ head of white cabbage, wash and cut it into small pieces. Put this cabbage with ½ of water in the blender and mix well this mixture. Then filter or squeeze the mixture OR put the cabbage in a mortar pound and press the juice out then fill it in a can or plastic bottle.


Cut five unripe plantains into small parts, fill in the same plastic bottle with that cabbage juice, fill the can with warm water to stay for a day or two days and be drinking as your water that day anytime you want. when it finishes, fill another water in the same can with those unripe plants and repeat as usual for three days and the result will amaze you.


Inasmuch as we keep shouting eat fruit eat fruits, not all fruits are so friendly to ulcer patients. Some fruit’s acidity is pretty much on the high side.

They include

1. Watermelon
2. Okra
3. Garden egg
4. Cucumber
5. Berries
6. Apple
7. Banana

Leafy vegetables such as spinach and green vegetables, Potatoes, Broccoli and Carrots, Honey, and Spices like garlic and turmeric, are all amazing just for everyone including ulcer patients.

However, if any of these still irritates you, please avoid it.


Peptic ulcers are sores within the inner lining of the stomach, the duodenum section of the small intestine, and sometimes the oesophagus.

-Stay away from pepper
-Stay away from fruits that are highly acidic like oranges, pineapples and sugar cane
-Eat frequently, make sure you don’t get hungry
-Stay away from too many spicy foods
-Eat more vegetables and always drink a lot of water.

For ulcer patients, those who are suffering from heartburn, acid reflux, and constant stomach problems, blend raw cabbage and drink 100ml, first thing in the morning and last thing at night for two weeks.

King grass and early morning urine( remedy for ulcer)

Squeeze it with urine and filter the liquid inside your cup ‘ add milk and stir it and drink

Take it in the morning on an empty stomach and also drink it at night.

For details and clarification, contact Dr Iyke for a treatment guide at 0592359718 or 0508397239.

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