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Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In this 2023, it’s Sunday, June 18th.

That time of the year is already at the door where we can show our appreciation for the father figures in our lives! The dads, uncles, grandfathers and other men who help guide us through our lives and bring us up to be the best we can be. They deserve a little celebration.

Don’t you think so? And more importantly, you as a school owner, you ought to celebrate them. Yes!

Celebrating Fathers in the school

Father’s Day activities and events are always a hit – showing dads how much you appreciate them with gifts and quality time is a great way to make them feel loved.

To spice up the day, try the following:

1. Decorate Your Classroom: Show your dads and father figures that you’re appreciative of all that they do by decorating your classroom.

Children can create and design cards bearing words like:
•Fun-loving guy
•Always there for me
•Truly an inspiration
•He will always be there for me
•Every day is fun with him
•Really, he’s one of a kind!
Have these cards hanging and dangling in your class or any other space you may want to use for this event.

2 . Photo Booth: If our students/pupils bring someone special to the school for Father’s Day celebrations, help them commemorate the occasion with a Father’s Day Photo Booth!

3. Presentations

i. Teach a Father’s Day song:
Daddy (sung to the tune of A farmer has only dog, Bingo was his name)
I love him and he loves me,
And Daddy is his name-o.
D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y
and Daddy is his name-o.

Tell the students that they will learn to spell a special word today. Take the letters in D-A-D-D-Y and print each letter onto large cardstock. As you sing, have five students at a time take turns spelling Daddy as they come forward to hold a card.

ii. Make lyrics using the word father:
For instance,

F- Funny
A – Awe some
T – Tickles me
H – Hero…
E – Energizer
R – Reliable
F – Funny as an entertainer
A – Always remind me consistently
T – Taught me how to play ball
H – He is my saint, and so forth.

Another choice is to utilize the original name of the dad

For instance, for the name Hank you could compose:

H – He is my legend
A – And dependably there for me
N – Never allows me to sit unbothered/ unfocused.
K – Kind all around.

4. Teach the students, a brief history of father’s day:

Though we have been celebrating father’s day for a long enough period of time, it is very rare that anyone knows the history regarding the start of celebrating father’s day, its time, and the reason for celebrating father’s day.

So on the occasion of the father’s day teaching student, the history of father’s day can be a good idea for the children to read it to parents .

Do not forget to be time conscious. Since Sunday is the Father’s day, you may want to mark it in your school on Friday, which is a work day or any day of the following week.1:30 mins is usually the maximum time for this kind of event.

You wouldn’t want them to get bored, exiting the event with excuses of where they need to be at that time, would you?

Hence when sending the invitation for this event, time of event should be clearly stated.

Noble Spring Academy invites you to this short super packed event ”Breakfast with Daddy”/ Fathers’ Luncheon (if in the afternoon) set aside to celebrate and honor our Fathers.
Date……. Time………. Venue……..

Happy Fathers’ Day!!!!!!

5. Quiz based on the topic father:
Another great idea to do at school during the occasion of the father’s day is to conduct a quiz based on the father among the students and whichever group wins the quiz will be awarded a prize.

For this activity, students should be informed a couple of days before father’s day about the quiz program that will be conducted on father’s day and to tell them to come prepared.

6. Quality Time Discussion:
One of the manners in which a dad can demonstrate love to his kids is by investing quality energy with them.

Ask pupils how they get a kick out of the chance to impart quality time to their dads, and make it fun.

School Activities for Dads

You can’t have a Father’s Day Celebration without some fun activities for the dads and father figures who have come along!

a. Take dad back to school with our fun collection of STEM activities. They are the perfect collaborative activity for your students to complete with their special guest!

A ‘fill-in-the-boxes’ template to use for Father’s Day.

This simple Father’s Day resource is a great way for your students to show their appreciation and love for their dad. Students and their fathers fill in the boxes provided with quirky information about their dad. Some of the sentence stems include:

My dad makes me laugh when he…
My dad wishes he had…
My dad should get an award for…
My dad is unique because…
My dad loves it when…
My dad’s favourite thing to do is…

Why not print this worksheet on coloured card, or have your students colour in the boxes and pictures in their dad’s favourite colours!

Fathers activities can be outdoor

Have your chef/home economics unit come up with some snazzy breakfast. Definitely not Rice (how many of them prefer rice anyways). Please not semo and soup.

*Tea/coffee with bread( not plain).
*Samosa etc
*Sharp and snazzy breakfast (many of them will go to work from the event).
*If you must give drinks, please do not consider alcoholic beverages.

Light gifts to present to Fathers

√Jotter and pen
√School stickers for their cars
√Pen holder
√Key Holder
√Water flask
√Phone holder
These gifts are best branded with the school’s name or logo. It is a way of marketing your school equally.


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