Cape Coast: Pastor Surprises Mother With Car As Mother’s Day Present At Church [Videos)

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General overseer and Head Pastor of Infinity Miracle Church International in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Collins Adams Hayford on Sunday, May 14, 2023, handed over a brand new Chevrolet Aveo LS car as Mother’s Day present to his mother, Gertrude Oppong for her unflinching parental care offered him and his three siblings as a single mother.

Key to the car which was concealed in a white envelope was presented to the mother of four for her immense contribution to the upbringing of the Man-of-God who doubles as a PhD holder in theology.

The pastor during the car key presentation disclosed the main reason behind him dashing his mother the car amid her toil and struggles to see himself and his three brothers attain the enviable height they currently enjoy.

He recounted that the mother’s swift intervention years back saw him swerve an orchestrated arrest by one insensitive engineer he went to work with as an apprentice.

Narrating the terrible experience before the surprise gift, mother Gertrude Oppong said that the man her son went to understudy after dashing him a machine, later went to report her son for stealing his machine having earlier required the son to return the gifted item which had then gotten spoilt.

But the compassionate mother who couldn’t bear the situation as the petty trader she was, had to manoeuvre her way through to settle the inconsiderate master who had already involved the police to effect an arrest on her son.

Gertrude Oppong speaking to Sompa TV/FM’s Eric Annan over her Mother’s Day present advised mothers to make a conscious effort to take absolute care of their wards even if the fellow is a single parent like herself, for such a mother will never regret her effort in future likewise herself who today walks as a proud mother following the status her children have attained in life.

Rev. Dr. Collins Adams Hayford uncovered that though the mother has her birthday slated for the next three months, he had to do the needful in presenting her the car now for no one knows the happenings of tomorrow after describing himself to be one who hardly forgets but often decides to keep mute and act when necessary.


Story Filed By: Eric Annan, Reporter, Sompa FM/TV, Central Region.


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