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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. The significance of this saying manifested in Asankrangwa Senior High Technical School as they celebrated their SRC in a glittering style on 17th May 2023.

In every academic year, there is a week dedicated to students to refresh and have fun after going through a series of studies.

Asankrangwa Senior High Technical School (ASECTECH) have celebrated their SRC week celebration which every student in the second-cycle institution looks forward to. The SRC is the highest student leadership group and their main aim is to champion the cause of students.

As part of their way of making the students enjoy this particular year’s celebration, the authorities together with the student representative council outlined a weeklong program for the students to climax the academic semester starting the celebration on Wednesday, 17th May 2023. The students embarked on a thorough general cleaning exercise in and around their campus and climaxed the day with a pick and act coupled with a dance competition in the evening.

As students cannot have fun alone without studies, they had an inter-house quiz on Thursday between the hours of 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm which was also topped up with a talk show and movie night in the evening. With the talk show being one of the best chances to educate these students, Wassa Amenfi West Old Students Association (WAWOSA) made it a point to educate the students on drug abuse and its associated problems. With an intensive talk with the students on the dangers one would be exposed to in case they get caught up in the web, the various responses from the students could probably be interpreted to be them heeding the advice that was given.

Irenaeus-WAWOSA Rep educating students on drugs

Continuing the program that has been slated, the authorities found it wise to engage the students in aerobics and float to help them stretch their muscles to remain healthy. Walking from their school to Motta Road and taking a turn through the principal street, they sang happily and socialized among themselves looking forward to an evening of the bonfire, stories, jokes and jama night.

On Saturday, which happens to be the 20th of May, the school engaged in performances from the various performing arts groups in the school and speeches from their guests who have something beneficial for them to learn from. After this long seminar, the old students took over in the evening with a night of jama and morale to keep the students active.

Climaxing the weeklong celebration on Sunday, 21st June, a Thanksgiving service was held at the school’s assembly hall to thank the Almighty God for a successful and insightful program.

The slogan for the celebration was “ASECTECH SRC WEEK, IT’S ALL ABOUT TRANSFORMATION”. Academic activities will continue unabated. In fact, it was a fantastic week of edutainment.

Faces of ASECTECH 23






For all videos and pictures of the ASECTECH SRC celebration, click the link below


Story by Eugenia Wimbe


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