Asankrangwa: Youth clash with council of elders over accountability for community donations during funeral

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A heated clash between the youth and the council of elders erupted within Asankrangwa over the issue of accountability for community donations known in Akan parlance as “manntoɔ”. The incident happened today, 12 August 2023 at Buadum Park during a funeral ceremony. The youth raised concerns regarding the transparency and proper utilization of funds, leading to a fierce confrontation.

At its core, the conflict arises due to a lack of trust and communication between the youth and the Council of Elders. The youth, driven by a desire for their community’s progress demanded the Council of Elders to update them on what they use the community donations for. The youth feel the Council of Elders have not been able to provide sufficient clarity on how these funds are being allocated.

The youth claim that they have diligently collected generous contributions from community members for projects such as educational initiatives and youth empowerment programs. However, they argue that their efforts are being undermined by the council of elders, who don’t use community donations for the betterment of Asankrangwa.

On their part, the Council of Elders assert their unwavering commitment to the community’s welfare. They argue that they have been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all community affairs, including donations for the betterment of present and future generations. This lack of transparency fueled the youth’s skepticism, leaving them resentful and demanding answers.

The youth feel that their passion and dedication towards improving their community are being undervalued and dismissed by the council of elders. They perceive this behaviour as a barrier to progress and an impediment to their vision.

But for the intervention of the police, the narrative would have been different.

The police officers swiftly arrived at the scene, their presence immediately diffusing the tense atmosphere. As they stepped out of their patrol car, they assessed the situation, taking note of the agitated crowd.

Their timely arrival and skilled intervention not only restored calm at the scene but also sent a clear message that the police are there to protect and serve the community. The officers provided a valuable explanation of how the youth can follow the right procedure to ultimately promote peace and maintain public safety.

Suggested Solutions to avoid future renewed skirmishes

One potential solution to this dispute could be the establishment of an independent committee to oversee the allocation of community donations. This committee would consist of representatives from both the youth and council of elders, as well as neutral individuals from the community with accounting and financial expertise. Their role would be to review and audit the funds, ensuring transparency, and accountability, and that projects are executed as intended.

Furthermore, open dialogue and continuous communication must be encouraged between the youth and the council of elders to address any concerns or misperceptions stemming from this clash. It is crucial that both parties come together to bridge the trust deficit and work towards a common goal of community development.

Ultimately, the clash between the youth and council of elders over community donation accountability can be turned into an opportunity for growth and progress. By acknowledging the valid concerns of the youth and implementing measures to enhance transparency, the community can foster a renewed sense of unity and collaboration, leading to the overall betterment of the community members.

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