Amenfi West: You won’t believe this happened at Bobby Zaro’s Easter Funfair at Uptown Hotel (pictures +videos)

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Easter is not a time to be alone. It’s a time to move out and explore with friends and families.

Funfairs are seen as family entertainment, and most include a significant number of children’s rides. Many of these are smaller-based rides like a merry-go-round, train rides, and many more.

Bobby Zaro Innovations Easter Funfair pulled a massive crowd inside Uptown Hotel on Monday 10th April 2023.

Weeks earlier, the organizers did a lot of advertisements on radio stations and in various schools to make sure that the event will be memorable.

Massive crowds have shown up at the event. Last year was the maiden edition of the Bobby Zaro Innovations Easter Fun Fair which took place at Melody Hotel. This year, Bobby Zaro decided to change the location for his audience to experience a different ambience of the fun fair.

A lot of activities took place including face painting, swimming, horse riding, bouncy castle, train rides, dance competition, music competition etc.

Osgood pops

Bobby Zaro’s Innovations Easter Funfair is undoubtedly the most popular Easter Funfair celebration in Western Region. The event saw an influx of people from different towns to enjoy the charm of the holiday. And no event in Amenfi West has experienced such a massive crowd.

See some of the photos during Bobby Zaro Innovations Easter Funfair on Monday, April 10, 2023.

MC Ebuka


A Presbyterian student who won the dancing competition


Enjoyment inside Uptown Pool


A kid enjoying the horse ride


Face painting…Ojoe Pencil in action


Train ride at Uptown Hotel


A student poses after face painting



Massive crowd inside Uptown Hotel





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