Amenfi West NPP Constituency Organizer Replies Mahama On His Tribute Speech At The Late Mr. George Dadzie’s Funeral

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The Wassa Amenfi West NPP Constituency Organizer, Mr. Frank Essah has replied Mahama On His Tribute Speech At The Late Mr George Dadzie’s Funeral Held at Asankrangwa Buadum Park on 25th March 2023.

Mahama in his tribute speech to the late Mr George Dadzie reiterated that Mr. George Dadzie even when it is not time for Council of state meetings book appointments to come and discuss all issues and problems facing the Western region.

Now the question is if the former president has received all the problems facing the Western region by our late Mr George Dadzie, why are we facing the following challenges; Roads network, Electricity expansion, Poor networking in most of our rural areas, lack of schools, lack of furniture, Lack of teachers in the rural areas only to mention a few. Based on what the former president said, then it means Mr George Dadzie did all that he could to make sure that the good people of Western Region specifically Amenfi West would benefit from his office as a council of state member for the western region, but the former president turned a blank ear to all that our late Mr George Dadzie said to him.

The good people of Amenfi West have lost the trust in the former president, Mahama and do not demand another chance.



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