Amenfi West: Meet the Esteemed Judges of “The Rising Stars” Event!

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The role of the judges is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the Rising Stars competition.
As a result, expert-balanced judges- people who are passionate about music and dance and supportive of young talents have been selected by the organisers of “The Rising Stars” to ensure that the event becomes successful through their fair judgement. Each judge combines different areas of expertise to weigh up the strength and weaknesses of the contestants and also give useful feedback to contestants and the audience.

1. Efi Chico – A Distinguished Music Critic and Entertainment Guru.

With an undeniable passion for music and a keen eye for talent, Efi Chico brings a wealth of experience to “The Rising Stars” judging panel. As a seasoned professional teacher, he has nurtured young minds and has a unique ability to identify and develop the potential of aspiring musicians. An esteemed music critic and entertainment pundit, Efi Chico’s insights are highly regarded in the industry. Not only that, but he also shares his mesmerizing vocal talents as a singer at Assemblies of God Ministries, captivating audiences with his soulful performances. His dedication to uplifting others through music is truly commendable.

2. Edward Peter Adjei Buah – A Maestro of Harmonies and Youth Mentor.

Edward Peter Adjei Buah’s profound love for music and commitment to nurturing talent make him a vital asset to “The Rising Stars” judging panel. As a choir instructor at the Roman Catholic Church, he instils discipline, harmony, and musical excellence in his students. His passion for developing young voices extends beyond the church walls, as he actively contributes as a member of the esteemed Amenfi Youth Choir. With an ear for precision and a heart for mentoring, Edward ensures that the next generation of musical talents shines brighter than ever.

3. Celestina Anima – A Voice of Angelic Brilliance and Media Sensation.

Gracing the judging panel with her angelic voice and dynamic personality is Celestina Anima. Her remarkable career with Ahobraseye FM has made her a beloved figure in the media industry. As one of the most sought-after church singers and performers in Amenfi West, she embodies the true essence of a rising star. Celestina’s extensive experience in the music scene allows her to offer invaluable feedback to our contestants. Her passion for encouraging and uplifting others through music resonates in every note she sings and every word she speaks.

Together, these distinguished judges bring a diverse range of expertise, experience, and musical flair to “The Rising Stars” event. Their collective knowledge and discerning eyes will play a crucial role in shaping the dreams of our talented contestants. We are honoured to have them as the guiding stars of this extraordinary journey.


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