Amenfi West District Assembly Elections: Hon Kwasi Afrifa Exercise His Franchise (Photos)

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Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP parliamentary candidate for the 2024 elections, recently exercised his franchise in an exemplary manner, demonstrating his commitment to the democratic process.

Hon. Kwasi Afrifa arrived at Asankrangwa Methodist JHS- his designated polling station early in the morning of 19th December 2023. He was greeted with a warm welcome.

As he entered the polling station, Hon Kwasi Afrifa went through the necessary registration and verification process. He patiently waited in line, engaging in friendly conversations with fellow voters, and exchanging pleasantries with the election officials.

Finally, when his turn came, Hon Kwasi Afrifa cast his vote with a sense of purpose and conviction. He carefully marked his preferred candidate on the ballot paper, ensuring that his voice was heard in the electoral process and a symbol of his participation in the democratic exercise. After voting, he used the opportunity to advise the electorates to desist from any act of electoral violence and think about the current and future generations.

Hon Kwasi Afrifa’s act of exercising his franchise in the District Assembly Elections is commendable. It showcases his dedication to serving his constituents and his commitment to upholding democratic values. By actively participating in the electoral process, he sets an example for other candidates and voters alike.

It is important to note that the District Assembly Elections in Ghana are an integral part of the country’s democratic system. These elections are held every four years to elect representatives who will serve on the various district assemblies across the country.

These elections also provide an opportunity for aspiring political leaders to showcase their ideas, plans, and visions for their constituencies. It allows them to connect with the electorate, understand their needs, and gain their trust and support.


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