(Amenfi West) Assembly Member Elections: Ishmael Tanoh (RATATA) Declares Intent; Outlines Core Values, Vision and Goals

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Paraphrasing Kailash Satyarthi “the youth holds immense power that transcends borders and unites the world. They are the embodiment of our history, our present, and our future. No other segment of society can match the passion, idealism, enthusiasm, and bravery displayed by young people.

After careful introspection and extensive consultations, Ishmael Tanoh, also known as Ratata, has humbly announced his intention to run in the upcoming MMDA election in 2023 for the Asankran-Breman Electoral Area. Once the electoral commission opens nominations, he is excited to take part in this democratic process.

According to him, his motivation to run for this position stems from his desire to lead and serve. By providing service-oriented leadership, he can achieve the aspirations of his community and make significant progress. He, therefore, wants to take the responsibility of serving as an assembly member seriously, and he is committed to being creative, fair, and productive in this role.

An Assemblyman plays a crucial role in representing and serving the people of his community and Ishmael Tanoh, affectionately called RATATA by people, has declared his intent to contest the 2023 Assembly Member elections.


1. Advocacy: As a vibrant youth with a track record in advocacy, RATATA intends to address the needs and concerns of the people in his electoral area. This will include advocating for policies that promote economic growth, social welfare, environmental sustainability, and community development.

2. Community Services: Ishmael Tanoh believes that the assembly position is an opportunity to provide support and assistance to community members. Being accessible and responsive to the needs of his community members to provide valuable support and build trust among the people is one of Ishmael Tanoh’s priorities.

3. Community Engagement: Another area of concern to Ishmael Tanoh is to play a crucial role in fostering community engagement and participation. This will be achieved through organizing town hall meetings, community forums, and public consultations to gather feedback and input from residents. Involving the community in decision-making processes can ensure that their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed.

4. Collaboration and Networking: Building strong relationships and collaborations with other government officials, community leaders, and stakeholders is essential for an Assemblyman. By working together with various individuals and organizations, Ishmael Tanoh can leverage resources, share knowledge, and implement effective solutions to community issues.

5. Information and Education: Ishmael Tanoh will serve as a source of information and educate the community. This will be achieved by disseminating important updates, sharing resources, and organizing educational programs on relevant topics. Ishmael Tandoh believes that the community should be informed and empowered, and he intends to enhance their understanding and engagement in local affairs.


His core values are represented by the mnemonic “RATATA”, his affectionate name.

R– Reliable (my people can count on me all the time)
A– Attentive (Listening ear)
T– Trustworthy (Build trust and rapport with community Members)
A– Ambitious ( willingness to work hard and make sacrifices to accomplish my assembly goals and vision for my community)
T– Transparent ( Straightforward and sincere in my actions, intentions, and communication)
A– Analytical ( detail-oriented and approaches problems or situations systematically and critically)

In conclusion, Ishmael Tanoh (Ratata) believes that the role of an Assemblyman is to be a representative and advocate for the people.  So by actively listening, engaging, and taking action, he can make a meaningful difference in the lives of his community members.

Ishmael Tanoh invites all to join him in his endeavour. With your prayers and support, victory is already within reach.



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