Activating Your School’s Unique Selling Points (USP). All Schools Proprietors must take note

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Esteemed School Owners must focus on activating and enhancing their unique selling points (USP) to stand out in their environment and also pay attention to the community’s preferences.

Here are some of the distinct Unique Selling Points (USPs) that schools can leverage:

School Uniform: A well-designed uniform can create a sense of identity and unity among students.

School Value System: Define and communicate the values your school offers to parents, emphasizing character development and life skills.

Customer (Parents) Satisfaction: Prioritize meeting the needs and expectations of parents to foster a strong parent-school relationship.

Pupils’ Academic Performance: Strive to maintain high academic standards and improve students’ overall performance.

School Competition Winning Advantage: Showcase any accomplishments in academic, sports, or extracurricular competitions.

External Examination Success: Highlight your school’s track record of success in external examinations.

WAEC Results Success: Demonstrate consistent excellence in WAEC results.

Sports (Games) Strategies: Develop effective strategies to nurture students’ athletic abilities and promote sportsmanship.

Diction/Phonics Teaching and Pupils Performance: Emphasize language skills and communication abilities.

School Discipline among Pupils: Create a disciplined and respectful learning environment.

Well-Cultured Staff and Management Team: Foster a positive and supportive atmosphere through well-trained and caring staff.

Feedback and Strong Communication: Encourage open communication between the school and parents, seeking their feedback and suggestions.

Choice of School Walls Colour: Pay attention to the ambience and aesthetics, as they can influence perceptions.

Remember, it’s not necessary to leverage all these USPs, but achieving at least 70% of them can significantly enhance your school’s appeal.

To identify your school’s unique strengths, engage with your parents and ask them about their favourite aspects of your school. Improve on these aspects to further enhance their experience.

Always be open to feedback, identifying areas for improvement and striving to address them promptly. Happy parents will be more inclined to stay with your school, even amidst competition.

In the real world, people gravitate towards places where they feel celebrated, not just tolerated. By effectively showcasing your USPs, you can attract and retain more students and parents, positively impacting your Gross Profit.

We hope these insights will help you strengthen your school’s position and reputation in the community.



Source: Williams- Educators Coach


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