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Education is critical for the development of a nation. And in the Western Region of Ghana, specifically Amenfi West Municipality, some schools have been built to help in the development of children. PAZION MEDIA has taken a short survey of some private schools in Wassa Amenfi West with good academic records and good infrastructures.


Established in 1989, IBS Educational Complex has gained popularity for its enviable academic records. The school also boasts remarkable sports achievements. Currently, the school has a population of over 1500 students. The school is located in Asankrangwa Newtown. It shares a boundary with Asankrangwa Secondary Technical School (ASECTECH). Yellow and green are the two major colours that decorate the school. Their motto is Excellent Tuition, Godly Care.


IBS Cadet Corps

The school has lots of facilities such as an ultramodern computer lab. The computer laboratory is air-conditioned with Internet installations. There is a stationery shop in the school. The school also has two air-conditioned buses that convey students to and fro.

IBS Notice Board

The school has spacious classrooms from nursery to basic nine with about 40 highly qualified teaching staff and an administrator in charge of the daily affairs of the school. There are about 20 non-teaching staff, including the bus drivers, cooks at the cuisine department, security men and a student monitor.

IBS Educational Complex is one of the most prestigious schools in the Western Region and Ghana with cemented academic records. In fact, IBS is the epitome of all-around education.

IBS student gets 8 ones in 2021 BECE results


In the year, 2021, one of her students got 8 ones in all the subjects toping the municipality as the best female student and overall best student.






Modish Royal

Established on 3rd December 2012, initially known as STARTRITE MONTESSORI and located in Samreboi, this school is winning the hearts of many within the Samreboi enclave and beyond with its advanced teaching methodologies and conducive environment to studies. It is a very nice place and away from all the crowds and noise of the town. The school has a furnished library and a science lab.
Lemon green, orange and white are the colours that beautify the school. Their motto is Dream, Learn, Achieve.

The school has teachers who teach politely and make students learn subjects in very creative and attractive ways. There is a time for cultural displays, swimming activities and building confidence and public speaking events.

The Director of the school, Mr Eshun places much premium on security. As a result, the whole compound and classrooms have been installed with CCTV cameras and are being monitored strictly.

There are enough bungalows to accommodate teachers and even strangers.

Life in Modish Montessori is never a boring one since the school has a children’s playground.

Modish Royal Playground

Modish Royal has been growing fast and chalked significant milestones and accomplishments in different aspects. It is indeed the epitome of total-quality education.

Weekends classes at MODISH ROYAL

In conclusion, there are more wonderful schools in Wassa Amenfi West Municipality but this writeup focused only on private schools. And these two private schools are the ones the writer was able to gather information on.



Source: Prince Ayerakwa

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