8 rules to help you succeed

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1️. Rule 80/20 (Pareto principle)⠀

80 percent of all the income you receive comes from only 20 percent of your activities. A lot of what you do isn’t really as necessary as you think.⠀

2️. Parkinson’s law

You can do what you need much faster than you think. The more time you allocate to the task, the more you will spend.⠀

3️. Group operation

A good way to complete boring and monotonous tasks quickly is to do the whole set one after another.⠀

4️. Give first, then receive. In that order, and not vice versa

Over time, you will receive more than you gave.⠀

5️. Stay ahead of events. Don’t slow down

This will not only relieve you of expectations, but also give you pleasure – you will feel that you have the power to control your life.⠀

6️. Mistakes and failures are good

They allow you to gain invaluable experience, learn a lot of interesting things and become successful, since success in life often comes only if you do not succumb to failures and mistakes. He comes only to the persistent.⠀

7️. Don’t be too hard on yourself

It only creates additional unnecessary inner pain and takes precious time.⠀

8️. Create good contact

Treat every meeting as if your best friends were there. And you start communication with just such an attitude, instead of being nervous all this time.⠀

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