6 Killer Hacks to Sell Anything to Anyone

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1. Don’t sell products. Sell results and solutions

Don’t talk about what your product can do.

Talk about what the product can do for them.

You don’t sell a camera by saying it can shoot video at 25,600 ISO. You sell it by telling people it can shoot video in the moonlight.

2. Get into their world

Talk about what they care about their problems, fears and desires.

Then start discussing ways they can solve them. They’re likely to give an immediate “Yes!”

3. We are emotional creatures, not logical

Sell towards emotions and feelings.

For instance, if you want to sell a family business, you can discuss your family’s problems and explain how you feel about their situation.

4. Be Specific

Don’t say, “Lose weight fast.”

Instead, say: “Lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks without diet and exercise!”

5. Take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out)

Set a hard deadline when the sale ends and create a sense of urgency.

– Use countdown timers
– Highlight limited availability
– Show social proof
– Use language that creates urgency

6. Don’t make it boring

Be entertaining and exotic.

Don’t sound like a generic company. Put jokes in your text. Be different.

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