3 ways to get to know yourself

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Why get to know yourself? And it helps in life. When you understand what to expect from yourself, it is easier to adapt to reality. And do not confuse your desires with those imposed by some benefactor. And it’s easier to forgive yourself for mistakes – you know what you’re capable of and how you react to this or that irritant. Which means they did everything they could.

Here are ways to understand and accept your true self:

• Pay attention to what touches you in the behaviour of others

This feature of ours was once noticed and analyzed by the great expert on the human soul, Carl Jung. It is almost guaranteed that the qualities that infuriate us in another person are present in ourselves. Otherwise, we wouldn’t give a damn.

Therefore, it makes sense to dwell on this, to delve into ourselves – why we are so attracted to some quality in our neighbour. This helps to establish contact with the hidden part of yourself. Pull it out and take it for granted. So as not to muddy our emotional state with or without reason.

• Listen to yourself

Did you explode in response to criticism? Or did you suddenly feel at some point a vague anxiety? Notice your emotions and reactions. Don’t blame or justify yourself – your task is not to evaluate, but to pay attention, try to understand what and why causes you to react as if inadequately. Nothing happens without a reason.

• Ask yourself questions

This kind of thing: “What is important to me?”, “What do I want now?”, “What and why am I worried or sad now, and why does it touch me so much?”

If we are not interested in ourselves, our condition, then life seems to pass us by, we lose ourselves in it. Ask what is truly valuable to you, and is there enough of it in your life?

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