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Agricultural Engineering

1. Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
2. Electric Drive and Intelligent Control of Agricultural Equipment
3. Agricultural Electrification and Information Engineering
4. Agricultural Biological Environmental Engineering and Energy Engineering
5. Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Engineering

Clinical Medicine

1. Clinical laboratory diagnostics
2. Internal Medicine
3. Pediatrics
4. Dermatology and Venereology
5. Imaging medicine and nuclear medicine
6. Surgery
7. Otorhinolaryngology
8. Oncology

Computer Science and Technology

1. Multimedia and Intelligent Information Processing
2. Data Processing and Data Engineering
3. Service Computing and Software System
4. Internet of Things Equipment and Systems (including Agricultural Internet of Things)
5. System Security and Information Security

Control Science & Engineering

1 . Intelligent Control of the Electrical Driving System
2. Intelligent Detection and Process Control
3. Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
4. Control Theory and Application of Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle
5. Theory and application of Nonlinear systems

Environmental Science and Engineering

1. Environmental Pollution and Health
2. Environment Ecology and Agricultural Environmental Protection
3. New Environmental Materials and Application
4. Biological Environmental Protection and Utilization of Agricultural Resources
5. Engineering and Equipment for Environmental Management
6. Theory and Technology for Pollution Control

Food Science and Engineering

1. Food Physical Processing and Intelligent Equipment
2. Non-destructive Detection of Food Quality and Intelligent Equipment
3. Food Bioengineering and Intelligent Equipment
4. Food Biological Safety
5. Food Nutrition and Health

Management Science and Engineering

1. Technology and Innovation Management
2. Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering Management
3. Big Data and Social Management Engineering


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